U-Haul Team Members Spend a Mid-May Day at the Ballpark Helping Kitchen on the Street

U-Haul Team members Jeremy Frank, area district vice president, Jason Turcotte, marketing company president, U-Haul Company of Western Arizona, and Mark Buford, marketing company president, U-Haul Company of Northern Arizona, spent a mid-May day at the ball park helping Kitchen on the Street.

The three men, representing their marketing companies and districts arrived at Chase Field on May 14 to box food for Kitchen on the Street. They were taken to the upper level of the park where they saw hundreds of boxes of food.

“I have participated in this charity several times and know how rewarding it is to help the communities we serve,” exclaimed Jason.  “I was enthralled to show my fellow team members what a great experience it is to be able to volunteer and help.”

Of course, since this was being held at the ballpark there was a game being played. Even though the home team was not victorious, these men…on the other hand… were. They helped to box up more than 1,000 cans of food for hungry children. Even the Diamondbacks mascot, Baxter, came to lend a helping hand.

The Kitchen in the Street staff stressed how important it is for kids to be nourished. Malnourished children are more likely to become obese later on in life, and also have weak immune systems. The food these men helped box will feed hundreds of kids who would otherwise have gone to bed hungry. The help these men gave was very meaningful and the experience quite delightful.

Kitchen on the Street is a faith-based community partner striving to eliminate local hunger by offering food-assistance programs. The act of giving food transcends the physical and reaches into a child’s soul; it has lasting implications on what that child will grow up to be and how they will show love. All of Kitchen on the Street’s programs support their mission of “Turning hunger into hope… one child at a time.”

A huge “thank you” shout-out to these men for giving their valuable time to lend a helping hand to help hungry kids in their community. If you would like more information about how to volunteer at a U-Haul volunteer day or you would like to share a volunteer story of your own, please contact Zofia Falconi, community relations specialist, by email or at extension 623109.

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