Customer Reviews for AllCell Repair Service Inc

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Testimonials from recent customers of AllCell Repair Service Inc

Overall rating:

Suzette H. on


This guy went above and beyond to help me with my return. What a blessing.

robert S. on


I rented a car dolly, and had to pull it out and hook it up by myself. They never even checked to see if it was hooked up properly!

Donna S. on


The man acted like he was doing us a favor by taking it.

theran F. on


The customer service at this location was absolutely horrendous. He charged my card $100.00 without asking for my permission, and without telling me the amount first. He then proceeded to yell and argue with me when I inquired about the charge! He was very rude and never once apologized. He also had no idea what he was doing and was extremely slow. I wouldn’t recommend this place AT ALL.

Duane C. on


Very friendly