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14535 S Hwy 441   Summerfield, FL 34491

(352) 245-1006

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(352) 245-1006

14535 S Hwy 441
Summerfield, FL 34491

Services at this Location:

Location Hours

Always Open On Your Smartphone

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It's the way we allow you to pick up your truck at anytime, day or night, using your mobile device. We are always open on your smartphone to Make Moving Easier©.

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There was no code to get in for the 24/7 pick-up which led to a long night of phone calls and trying to get out truck but ultimately having to get it in the morning. That really sucked. Customer service for U-Haul was amazing and everyone we talked to was so kind and really tried to help but it was out of their hands because the location had not provided a gate code to get onto the property to get the truck after hours. Even with the location able to do the 24/7 pick-up on your phone.

Samuel B. 

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Johnny C. 
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