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Testimonials from recent customers of Breath of Life Church & Academy

Overall rating:

Scott N. on


This location has BEEN CLOSED FOR 5 MONTHS !! I had to go back to a different location to pick up the truck. The truck was not clean. Bird crap all over it. Try cleaning it before you give it to a customer.

Albert K. on


They kept changing where I was to pick up the truck. They were open later than the web site said. Then I was given the wrong street name when trying to find the location. The office was extremely HOT! To the point that my sister had to go outside to keep from passing out! I had been up since 4 AM and needed to just get it done. My pickup location was changed a week before I was to pickup the truck. It went from a close convent location to one that I had to drive past several other U Haul locations including a "U Haul" store.

andrew A. on


Office was closed at time of appointment had to wait. Truck had no fuel at pick up. Returned with 1/4 tank and was charged $112.50