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Robert S.

Customer did not leave a comment.

Kenneth W.

Me the customer having to take pics in the dark and rain and do your job is b.s. not acceptable and thats why i prefer penske. I rent lots of trucks as a mover and your new system is crap

Samantha K.

I picked up the UHaul from the Wharton, NJ location. When we showed up, no one answered the door. We went around the back, where a mechanic who also shares the premises, let us in. We waited for the UHaul worker for 45 minutes. When he came in, he apologized. He then said “Ahh partying. You know how that goes.” After this, he could not get the system to work and asked us if we knew how to clear “cookies” from a computer. At the same time that he was trying to get our information into the system, he was continuously talking to a friend who was there. After we left, he never dispatched the uHaul to us, causing uHaul customer service to reach out to us for the truck number on the keys. We have worked with UHaul before through their customer service and their Wharton location, and have never had an issue. I generally never give any company a bad review, but this experience was very unprofessional and caused us to have a late start on our moving process.

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