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Testimonials from recent customers of CH Tax Services

Overall rating:

Thomas A. on


Great service and very professional.

Barbara M. on


Location was not marked with any signage of Uhaul. Located on a strip mall no visible equipment could be seen. Number on building not marked and signage for tax service was tiny. The gentleman we gdealt face to face with was great. He had no clue how to do return paperwork or generate refund. He was on the phone with owner numerous times to have owner explain what to do. They wanted to send a check as no petty cash was available. This was not acceptable, my deposit was required on the spot my refund should have been handled the same way. I spoke with owner on phone he advised me to drove to another location for refund. I had already driven 1200 miles, was where I was scheduled to be and refused to drive further. My view is I did everything I could to maintain the condition of trailer, drove the 55mph speed, went way out of my way to retrieve trailer and was not doing more. Enough is enough. Consequently, the gentleman at return site went to bank and drew money out of his personal account to pay us. Kudos to him, his boss should be ashamed.