Customer Reviews for Collinsville Car Care

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Testimonials from recent customers of Collinsville Car Care

Overall rating:

Leon W. on


It was convenient and easy to back the trailer in an open space

George G. on


After hours drop

brad D. on


Great customer service!

John P. on


pick up location was closed when i pick up the unit and closed when i drop off the unit. i scheduled the pick up date for 5/17/19 at 4:45 pm and i have a text confirming the date & time yet your computer had a pick up of 5/18/19 so there was no unit for me. lucky for me the location that i had originally booked with found me a trailer 35 miles away and as stated above they where closed. I called the original location & they completed paperwork over the phone & i took the trailer & returned the trailer to the location 35 miles out of my way. moral of the story; their computer system does not always work and thanks to Mike at u-haul SAVED my weekend.