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Stacey M. on


U-Haul changed my reservation without my knowledge and re-assigned a different location that was 30 mins away from me verses 5 minutes. We were moving over 4 hours away, so our time was crucial! I had to pay extra to movers in Load/unload our things. Then we get to the 2nd location and the guy couldn’t get the code to work, so we were at that point 1- hour time for the movers. Then the U-Haul maintenance guy can and has to cut the lock, which then took more time. Pnce the truck was open, my husband has to follow the guy to a 3rd location...Bottom line I got transferred around and on phones and by car...unacceptable and I feel no one wanted to help or even cared what I was going through because of their issues! I WILL NEVER RENT AGAIN!!!