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roslin J. on


Better communication with your customers. Explaining all the details to your customers and about the insurance. Did not ask me did I want Insurance just added Insurance on to my invoice. Communication with very bad.

Pamela C. on


The experience was awful and I will never use your company again.

javier G. on


I recommend this location good customer services comfort thank you

Juan R. on


-Made an online reservation and yet I had to answer the questions all over again. -Not only they did not have the dolly I reserved but DID NOT have any dolly to offer. I had to drive the truck to another place to get it, wasting gas (That I had to pay for) and wasting time. - I spend 34 minutes giving all the information all over again. Why, then, did I reserve online? -The people in the desk have no idea how to process the reservation and had to call some lady (Yudi, I think) over the phone, making it longer and more tedious. They are, clearly, not well trained, if trained at all. -NOBODY told me that I was supposed to check where the gas was and replace it. When dropping off, the not-so-nice lady on phone said that I should know that. How on earth? I don't do this often; I work in medical administration, not in rentals of any type. The clerk is supposed to let me know what I need to know. After I share the experience with my old and new neighbor they both agreed that I should have gone to Hialeah and find someone. They even give me numbers. I saved them for the future. Not dealing with U-haul again.

Lidsey M. on


The lady im charge was late to come for me to pick up the vehicle, and was mot knowledgable on how to operate the system to look for my confirmation. When she finally did, my confirmation was magically cancelled. When i called the uhaul generic number somebody from scheduling cannot give me an answer as to why my confirmation was cancelled. I dont expect her to give me a reasin but her tobe was very rude and disrespectful. When I tried to ask for her supervisor she hung up on me. At this point I am being rushed by the person that was late and said that if i book the appointment with u haul scheduling instead of her, she will leave and i can pick up a uhaul at another location. I felt very rushed and disrespected, despite the fact that she was already late she had the audacity to tell me if I dont do things her way she will flat out leave and not give me the uhaul. Of course because of the time constraints (im on a rush) I had no choice but to do things her way. I got the uhaul which smelled like cigarettes and did what I had to do. This was a very poor experience.

newman V. on



Shannon M. on


Renting a truck from a gas station is horrible! Takes forever to sign up.. Plus customers are waiting also to be served.. Never again!!!

Gerald B. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

Jennifer O. on


Better customer service, better communication.