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Gillin T. on


when to pick up truck and it wasn't even open. (PICK UP AT 7, NO ONE SHOW UP TIL 7.30AM AND THEY WERE TO BE OPEN AT 6AM) The guy finally show up and didn't even have the paper work ready. Then he was trying to get a hold of his manger and he wasn't even answering. We finally got a hold of someone and we had to do all the paperwork again over the phone. It took almost an hour for all this. The guy at the esso didn't even check the truck. It was dirty in the front and back. O yes and a dolly was left behind which we had to drop off at another location. I would not ever rent a truck from u-haul again. It was just a major fuck up

Rebekah K. on


It was so unclear what time the uhaul could be picked up. I wanted the uhaul for noon and got it at 4:15. I did get an email the day before saying I could get the uhaul at 4. When I showed up at the gas station the manager there had no idea if a uhaul was on its way or not. Just really bad communication between dealerships and uhaul.

Esther R. on


The actual booking process was horrible. First, when I called to book a truck the person didn't actually find one for the time I wanted. She gave up and said someone would call me back, even though I told her locations that had the truck (which I could see on your website). No one called me back. I ended up cancelling my original reservation and booking a new one online. Then less than 48 hours before my pick up time I was called by Uhaul and was told the truck was no longer available and that there were no other ones in the city available. The reason I was given was because it would be going out of the province the day AFTER my booking. I did not understand how that would impact my booking. After a long conversation with the woman she finally agreed to keep my booking. Overall, the truck was great - the booking experience was a nightmare.

Charles Stanley L. on


Make sure truck has breaks and heat oh yeah and no bed bugs bite the other



I rented a uhaul truck around 3pm at 120 Salter St in Winnipeg, MB. This whole experience was very disappointing and very unprofessional. The staff had no idea what they were doing. The staff gave me the keys to the truck without inspecting the vehicle, requesting my ID, and even before having me sign anything or giving me a copy of the paper they usually give me. Before I went to get the truck, I called and asked if they had a 10 ft truck and they said yes. When I got there, I saw that it was a 15 ft truck. They had no idea about any part of the uhaul rental process . Then when I brought back the truck a few hours later, about 6pp. They told me the charges would be around 179.00. Now, I have a lot of experience renting uhauls, I've been renting one at least once a week for the past year. Because of this, I know that 179.00 is way over what it should be. I explained to them the daily cost of the rental, environmental fee, insurance, and the millage and gas. I showed them to subtract the old mileage from the new mileage, which came out to 15 miles, I added up all the fees (environmental fee: $1.00, rental charge:29.95, insurance: $15.00, and the mileage: 15 miles x 1.11, and then added 13% tax on the total) I filled the gas tank before I dropped the truck off, to where it was when I picked up the truck. The next day, I noticed two charges on my credit card. One for $114.00 and another for $58.00. Even after I calculated the fee and showed them the charges for the rental should be about 70.00. I've already contacted Uhaul and they've resolved the matter. I just want to bring this situation to your attention because I don't think there should be a truck at this location at 120 Salter St in Winnipeg. I also want to mention that before I got the truck, the truck looked like it hadn't been used all winter and the gas tank was less then a quarter full. I don't know much about cars, but I'm pretty sure that in the winter, especially here in Winnipeg, you need to keep the tank somewhat full so that it doesn't freeze and possibly wreck the car. I believe your company is loosing money by having this truck here because someone renting a uhaul is not going to this area for fear of their safety and/or probably not wanting to park their cars all day while they rent the uhaul. I urge you to remove the option to rent uhauls from this location based on the reasons i stated above and also due to the fact that they are not properly caring for the truck and it's most likely depreciating just sitting there. Thank you for your time. I will continue to use Uhaul for all my truck renting needs. Have a great day.

Charlene R. on


The location didn't have the equipment that I had reserved so I had to go to another location to pick the other equipment. There was nobody onsite at 7pm to look at the equipment so I was charged an additional day until I called customer service, who were great.

Steff I. on


Over charged and not accountable. Winnipeg manager Claire Coppens not interested in customer service or retaining existing customer base. Very disappointed in service received and would recommend using another rental location.