Customer Reviews for Hollandale Tire & Auto LLC

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Testimonials from recent customers of Hollandale Tire & Auto LLC

Overall rating:

James S. on


If your reservation system was as nice and efficient as the agent in Hollandale your company would rate a 5; however, corporate is a disaster. Changed locations for pickup 3 times when I had a reservation 2 weeks before pickup. And you cannot reach anyone by the 800 number or chat line. Put on hold forever. Then, when you do get someone they are incompetent and rude!!!

Tommy S. on


It was all great for me.

William B. on


It's not the local locations that is the problem. It is the lack of concern of U-Haul for their customers. When you are inconveniencing a customer, try to find a way to meet their needs. When I drive an hour to pick up equipment instead of picking it up 5 minutes away, at least apologize for the inconvenience. The customer feels abused and unappreciated. Next time I will try to find a vendor that appreciates my business.

Matthew R. on


Trailer lights needed servicing.