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sandra D.

The employee should always tell the customer when they are renting that there is damage insurance right when you rent the truck. If you want the insurance. The employee did not ask me immediately when I rented the truck. I notice as I was leaving the store it was forgotten. So I went back in the store and said you forgot to add the insurance cause I wanted t. So this was extra time of mine and the company's computer was very slow and I had to wait a long time for it to be added to my order. The employee should of asked up front first. That was a big mistake I did not like. They finally said it went through and I had insurance. I hope so. I do not like mistakes when I am paying. For the employee's mistake. And yes it does happen. Other then that. We got the truck and it helped alot.

Chaske F.

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Kenny W.

They changed me 503 dollers to go from Jerome Idaho to Boise Idaho , when I got the U-Haul in the beginning the guy at the desk told me it would cast me total all said and done around 185 dollers , thanks U-Haul for fucking me in the ass, no it was not worth the money

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