Customer Reviews for Kleen Air Emissions

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Testimonials from recent customers of Kleen Air Emissions

Overall rating:

Letha N. on


Delay getting truck because a code was missing-no one knew anything that was going on.Gave me the truck keys without signing any paperwork or getting any information. The sales representative smelled like marijuana. He never even looked inside the truck to see if it worked,checked miles or gas amount.I did not get what I ordered, but was charged for it. Was charged an unauthorized amount on my credit card.Was told at drop off that if I was stopped I would have been considered in a stolen truck,

kelly F. on


The independent contractor had no clue about hula services and was very smug about helping me

Nassar S. on


They overcharged me on my gas the gas was back where was when I picked up the truck they overcharged me for that the people that the place where I pick the truck up that was very rude and disrespectful