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Testimonials from recent customers of Montague Mechanical

Overall rating:

laura B. on


you guys were awesome! I will be back in a couple weeks to rent it again for a day, thanks so much!

Jason G. on


Uhaul. The best in do it yourself moving.

Hilary L. on


The representative was late 12 minutes for the pick up and we had to wait for him.




Paul M. on


After renting a month in advance, the night before I need it, UHaul moved the truck pickup location 30 mins. away. I had no transportation. While Ryan at the location was as helpful as he could have been, the whole move was totally inconvenient and cost more money. I filed a complaint with a pleasant call center operator who opened a complaint and told me I'd hear from someone in 72 hours (never did). Here's what you can improve: DON'T DO THAT AGAIN TO A CUSTOMER

Maureen M. on


Wonderful place with a kind and thoughtful manager. Definitely, definitely recommend. Thank you!