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Barbara H.

Everything was great about this experience- both pick up and drop off. I would definitely use this location again.

George W.

Convenient and well serviced by staff.

Amanda R.

Customer did not leave a comment.

Sarah B.

Everything was fine until I finished using the truck. After signing out of my reservation online, I tried to lock the keys in the truck and the back rolldown door wouldn't close all the way (due to the guide wire somehow becoming tangled as it rolled down) I tried to call uhaul roadside assistance but after being on hold for half an hour,was disconnected before I received any instruction on what to do. The staff member never called back, and although I did call back, I wasn't able to wait on hold as it was 9 pm at this point and my child needed to be in bed. I called the nearest U-Haul location that had actual U-Haul staff the next morning and asked if I could bring the keys there instead. The person I spoke to on the phone said yes. I went to the location and returned the keys, and simultaneously received a phonecall from a U-Haul employee who explained that there was some kind of mix up, but I should leave they keys there and the manager would get them to the right place. The manager of that location (North Vancouver) proceeded to try and stop me from leaving, saying I needed to drive the keys over there myself over and over. I tried to leave and he chased me into the parking lot. I explained that I was supposed to be going to Chilliwack right now and camping multiple times, but it wasn't until after he had chased me into the parking lot and I full on yelled and got in my car that I was able to leave. Extremely upset about this situation and the lack of customer support. All I was trying to do was return the keys and it was nearly impossible to get ahold of anyone or get correct information.

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