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Jeanette B.

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Michael L.

The truck was dirty in the cab as well at the bed. There was grass, dirt, and small pieces of trash in the cab. There was old boxes in the bed that we had to dispose of before we could load up our things- costing us time and energy that could have been spent on our move.


Truck had several boxes in it(not U-Haul boxes) I had to pay to take them to the dump. Mans computer not working, had to go on my phone to get truck.; Had to wait two hours on the phone to talk to Uhaul.

garry P.

Okay. First of all, your questions are such that it's not easy to criticize the Uhaul company itself. The man that's owned the store is very nice. Obtaining and dropping of the truck was a complete nightmare and I will never use a Uhaul again for as long as I live.

Samuel T.

Very helpful and easy to rent


Once again everything tuned out perfect. Thanks again!

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