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Angela T. on


The owner refused to come accept my drop off because it wasn't the time listed on the contract and the only employee there claimed he wasn't authorized to. Never before have I been told I wasn't allowed to drop equipment off early. After a day of moving650km the ast thing I wanted to deal with was this. I moved to rural northern Alberta so i was already driving half an hour out of my way to drop it off so I was not going to drive home and come back another day. The location itself was really inconvienent with truckers parked helter skelter in the whole parking lot.

William D. on


The customer service top notch. Vehicles are the best I’ve seen. Clean and inviting and tuned to what seems like perfection.

Ron S. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

john S. on


I was a bit late dropping off, but the guy opened his office and accommodated me with the drop off! Very pleased with the service.

Melody T. on


The person who helped us with our reservation, made an outstanding effort in spite of no training on the U-Haul on-line system or experienced to do a rental pickup. She was filling in for the person who does the U-Haul rentals who was not available. The trailer door was very sticky and hard to open and close - we didn't have an WD40 or silicon spray with us to clean and lubricate the door. We were unable to purchase boxes or other supplies because there was no access to the U-Haul office. There was no spare tire for the trailer. (Although we were told at the drop off location that U-Haul does not provide spare tires?) We received no instruction, even though we were experienced with hauling trailers and no review of the current conditions of trailer was done. However, the person who did help us made an extra-ordinary effort in spite of how awkward it was.