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I arrived at the location 10 mins before pick up, using the truck share,GPS was not working the number listed was not being answered. Called me back after an hour.Call center kept transferring me to the next person was eventually disconnected. After i receive my bill i was overcharged.Stating i did 200 km how can i have done 200km in 4 hrs?? The truck was used to pick up furniture from milton the maximum i used was 45 km. I will definitely not be recommending this location.

Harpreet S.

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Sharon T.

they charged extra for the fuel even i filled the fuel tank. also i didn't opted the coverage and they billed for that. they also charged for after hour service that they didn't mention when i took the van,they just told me to drop the key.

Rajanvir Singh G.

Guy there has no clue what terms and rates I were offered . I see more than one transaction in my credit card . Each time I call u haul customer care they don't have any clue what was agreed with previous rep. In short, service sucks and will not use u haul again

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