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very bad service first of all the truck was very dirty and when i went back to return the truck to the same place where i picked it up i was told i had to take it and drop it off to a different location because there no space to park ,,,this a 76 Gas station there was space to park... i had never had such a bad experience with Uhaul

terry K.

great service from start to finish on every level. thank you, you have NO IDEA how much this actually helped us!

Marcy H.

Communication was difficult. I also could only get one dolly because the gentlemen I was working with didn't understand I paid for 2 and couldn't unlock the second dolly.

William M.

The woman that received my truck return, had me there for over a hour. At that time she then asked me for my DL so she could take a picture and try to return the truck later. She didn't know how to work her laptop, printer/ copier. I needed to show her how to do all three.

Kiyanna W.

The receiving party was at a gas station and the lady way very unprofessional, uneducated on the Uhaul protocol and knew nothing about what was supposed to be correct I would NEVER go back to this drop off location due to it being a terrible 2 hour expierance

Joshua S.

There is no drop off key box. No indication that this location works with uhaul. I left the uhaul but still have the keys since nobody was there. I will have to drop off the keys tomorrow morning.

Joseph D.

I never got a receipt for dropping off my truck and I never had a receipt for the final bill email to me... very poor customer service

Jimmy C.

Person did not know what they were doing I was there for 1 hr + trying to get thing taken care so I could leave never again.

Cameron S.

Not a specific U-Haul location and the gas station booth attendant wasn't knowledgeable.

Roger S.

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