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Paul D. on


Took a long time to get checked out. Should be quicker. Also I was given a truck that I did not reserve. I had reserved a 10 ft but was told when I got there that it was not available so they gave me a bigger truck than I wanted or needed but at that time I had no choice. Reservations need to be just that. A reservation.

brooks d. on


Uhaul charged my credit card twice. Like I got two trucks. I should only pay 198$. But instead there trying to make me pay over $400! terrible system.

Linda S. on


The mileage and gas amount were incorrect when we checked out the truck. We noticed the paperwork was not accurate to what was indicated in the truck. We informed the salesperson and it was adjusted. Just make sure you take a picture of the start and end mileage and gas numbers before driving off and before you pay. Overall, friendly and prompt service.



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