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John M.

Need a dolly

Manfred H.

Door came broken

Kace H.

We did not receive the furniture pads, utility dolly, and furniture dolly we rented.

Cydni Q.

They were not open and we had the wrong address to pickup the rental

Francisca G.

Please make sure to let customers know that correct dolly won't be available instead of charging them for wrong dolly. I received utility dolly instead of appliance dolly.

Cherell F.

Customer did not leave a comment.

carolyn H.

It was very inconvenient. Did not know it was not a place of business. It was very stressful to find out I had to go to such extreme to be able to get the truck on time, and had to go thru the steps to get the truck. I had to go on the internet and fill out all these questions and put in so much information. Then it showed the time for pickup as 12:30, instead of 11am. This was not a very good experience.



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