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Ronald H. on


Pickup location was littered with broken auto glass around vehicles and does need t feel safe. While I was trying to pick up vehicle I was approached by someone bumming money. Clean up the area. Make it clear that this is a 24/7 pickup location on web site that does not have an office. That confusion resulted in over an hour delay in my ability to pickup vehicle. The adjacent building has a large U-Haul sign on it, but the building is boarded up and looks to be condemned.

Michael R. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

Rachel S. on


Upon returning the truck at 10pm, I found that there was no key drop box to return the keys. I walked around in the dark looking (it’s not well lit AT ALL) and finally drove around the building. At first I tried the code box that I retrieved the key from but I couldn’t get it to relock. This location does everything by phone instructions, no people are present to help, so I ended up calling UHaul’s 1-800 number and the girl I spoke with also couldn’t find record of where it should be and asked me if I could hide the key somewhere... I didn’t want to be responsible for the van so that didn’t thrill me. I was finally able to get the box to relock (if that’s how they want to do it, there needs to be instructions because it’s not easy) after 45 minutes of being out there alone. The van was nice and clean and worked great but the drop-off situation left a really bad taste in my mouth.

James P. on


Absolutely terrible online system. Makes it extremely difficult to not only pick up a rental vehicle, but impossible to return. Your online system crashed twice, which was about 30 minutes of my time. Your phone associates are unfamiliar with your locations. Absolute nightmare of a rental from beginning to end.

Kristen C. on


I've been trying to get assistance since yesterday. I've called in several times. I was advised that someone would contact me today. As of now that has not happened. Last night we dropped the van back at the site. We were advised to leave the keys in the drop box. THERE IS NO DROP BOX! I called to get a code or assistance with this and was told that they couldn't do anything. That 3 other people had rented that day and had no issues. So fine, I went back today when it was light thinking ok maybe I missed it. No again THERE IS NO DROP BOX! I asked a worker there (painter or something) who said he didn't know try walking through the mall. I am not going on a wild goose hunt searching for something that's not there. This is crazy. I just want to drop the keys responsibly and where I don't get fined.