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sanford S. on


When I called the U-Haul center in Knoxville, the lady said she didn’t even show my co tract drop location in her system? I stopped by the U-Haul location in Lenoir City they had 1 20’ truck on the lot. The Knox area U-Haul lady said her system showed the center in Lenoir City was full? 11 trucks and 4 trailers and a auto dolly which is not true when I stopped in there. It’s Affordable Tire Care on hwy 321 Lenoir City. So I called the drop lot on Everett Rd and the guy took my trailer and he was brand new as a U-Haul lot . So my only complaint was your system inventory didn’t seem accurate an I drove 10.5 miles to drop instead of 2 miles in Lenoir City. Overall the rent was good and pick up and drop locations were great . The scheduling and info on the locations seems to be very inaccurate?