Adaptive Reuse in Salisbury, MA at U-Haul Moving & Storage of Salisbury

Serving U-Haul customers since 1995, this facility was built through Adaptive Reuse of an existing building.

Building History

In 1956, Max Coffman opened an innovative style of shopping. Mammoth Mart was a discount department store chain that spread across the Northeast. This was a revolutionary model for large department stores that sold everything a customer could want. When approaching the building, Marty the Mammoth could be seen smiling down at customers from the recognizable signs. Unfortunately, Mammoth Mart filed for bankruptcy in 1969. Then in 1978, the chain was bought by King's Department Store. The chain was handed off a few more times, until U-Haul purchased this location in 1995 and converted it into a storage and dispatch facility. 

Environmental Impact

Serving U-Haul customers since 1995, this facility was built through adaptive reuse of an abandoned building. Adaptive Reuse promotes infill development in an effort to strengthen communities, with the following benefits achieved at this site:

  • 756 tons of metal manufacturing & transportation prevented
  • 8,583 tons of new concrete pours avoided
  • 9,535 tons of construction and demolition debris prevented

Energy-efficiency and waste-reduction programs at this facility provide the following estimated benefits each year for the Salisbury community:

  • 6,499,154 lbs greenhouse gas emissions prevented
  • Steel Use

    Steel Production 756 tons (686 tonnes) of steel manufacturing and delivery saved to date

  • Energy Use

    Energy 0 kWh annual energy savings

  • Concrete Use

    Concrete 8,583 tons (7,789 tonnes) of new concrete pours avoided to date

  • CO2 Emissions

    Emissions 6,499,154 lbs (2,947,997 kgs) of greenhouse gas emissions prevented

  • Landfill Debris

    Landfill Debris 9,535 lbs (8,652 kgs) of construction debris prevented