4-Way Flat Tester

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4-Flat tester verifies taillight, right turn, and left turn functions.

  • Indicator lights
  • Keychain loop

4-Way Flat Tester Reviews (11)

4 out of 5 stars with 11 reviews

Juan A.

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It does exactly what is supposed to. It arrived promptly.

Timothy L.

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Good product and quick shipping.

Mr. D.

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Does what is says it does.

Anonymous customer

Simple necessity for towing.

Anonymous customer

wish it had a cover on the contacts

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How much is it to have you guys set up the lights for i can hook on a trailer i dont have lights for the trailer so seeing how much that would be.

–barbara 4/9/2016 6:35:05 AM

Prices will vary according to the type of wiring system your vehicle and trailer combination require.

Please call or visit your local U-Haul hitch location for accurate pricing. Save $10.00 by scheduling your install online.

–Joseph 4/12/2016 9:25:17 AM

On my suv I have the round light connector that connects to a trailor, do you have anything to connect to it that has the flat end connector on it so I can connect to the flat end on the trailor and if so how much for the connector please and Thank you.

–Robert 10/1/2015 5:24:20 AM

U-Haul carries a variety of trailer wiring adapters starting at $12.95, please visit this link to find the adapter that fits your vehicle/ trailer combination.

–Joseph 10/8/2015 12:47:03 PM

Every time I try to reserve my car with the trailer, it could not be? I do not how to control so that the trailer go back as exactly as I want? Do you have any suggests?

–Michael 5/31/2015 6:31:47 AM

im renting a 5x9 covered trailer from you. what size ball do I need ?any special wiring I need?

–mike spanberger 1/22/2014 9:12:08 AM

Our hitch pros write: "Hitch ball sizes of 1-7/8 inch and 2 inch are acceptable with a U-Haul trailer coupler. U-Haul trailers are equipped with the standard 4-flat trailer end connector."

–Ronald 1/22/2014 10:53:46 AM

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