Anti-Rattle Ball Mount Lock

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5/8" diameter locking hitch pin for class III or IV 2" receiver style hitches.

  • Round "barrel" style key for maximum security
  • Anti-rattle locking hitch pin.
  • Wrench included.
  • Length: 6.25"

Customer Reviews Anti-Rattle Ball Mount Lock


No more hitch sound !!!

Highly S.

The full-sized steel internal retaining nut of this locking pin is SUPERIOR to competing products that use a smaller nut contained within plastic that soon breaks. Buy this pin!!!

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What is the total length of this unit?

–J Musgrove 12/8/2013 10:31:11 AM

6 & 1/4 inches. (6-1/4")

–Ronald 12/9/2013 11:07:56 AM

How do I remove silent hitch pin

–Michelle 3/28/2015 1:45:00 PM

Simply remove the locking end cap, then unscrew the silent pin from the spring nut by turning the pin counter clockwise with the included 5/8" wrench. The silent hitch pin is now ready to be removed from your receiver hitch.

–Joseph 3/30/2015 3:02:09 PM

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