If you are a current U-Haul truck, trailer, or other rental customer and are wanting immediate assistance regarding impounded, abandoned, or stolen equipment, please call Equipment Recovery at 1-800-528-0355 or by email at equipmentrecovery@uhaul.com.

Equipment Recovery Submission Forms

  • Impounded Equipment

    If the equipment has been impounded, please click below to submit your information.

  • Abandoned Equipment

    If there is a piece of equipment that you believe is abandoned, please click below to submit the information.

  • Stolen Equipment

    If the equipment has been stolen, please call the local authorities to file a stolen report. {uhaul} will need the following information: Jurisdiction name and phone number, report number, officer's name and badge number. Please submit that information by clicking below

Law Enforcement

If you are law enforcement inquiring about U-Haul Equipment, please email us at equipmentrecovery@uhaul.com.

When impounded or towed, please send certified letter information regarding impounded equipment to:

U-Haul Equipment Recovery, 2727 N Central Ave, Phoenix AZ 85004

If you are reaching out to Equipment Recovery regarding tolls and citations, please log into your account or visit the payment page for additional details. For general questions, please search our FAQ page.

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