Our 4x7 utility trailers are perfect for local in-town moves, deliveries and home improvement projects. This small utility trailer can be towed with any car and are very popular with “do-it-yourselfers.” Landscaping and other fun projects are easy to accomplish with the additional load capacity of 1,770 lbs behind your tow vehicle!

  • Lightweight and easy to tow
  • Small utility trailer
  • Open top trailer

Instruction manual

How to hook up a U-Haul trailer

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Zip/Postal Code or City, State/Province

4x7 utility trailer rentals are common behind small cars as well and are great for providing just enough extra hauling capacity to a SUV or pickup. The open top of a utility trailer allows for taller items to be moved. Be sure to secure your load with rope or straps to the many tie-down loops built in to all our utility trailers.

All U-Haul 4x7 utility trailers can be towed by a car with a towing package and are great for self-deliveries. Our smallest open trailer rental has 26 square foot of loading space which is enough to pick up that new appliance yourself and save high delivery fees. This small utility trailer has a soft ride and its lightweight design makes it easy to tow behind any car!

Save time by reserving and scheduling your 4x7 utility trailer rental online today. We put safety first, so all open trailer customers are advised to load the trailer heavier in front, secure your load with tie-downs, drive slower than you normally would, and please, always wear your seatbelt.


  • Inside dimensions: 7'8" x 3'4" (LxW)


  • Lowest deck
  • Softest ride
  • Easy towing
  • Heavy-duty tie-down rings


  • Max load: 1770 lbs.
  • Gross vehicle weight: 2,400 lbs. max.
  • Empty weight: 630 lbs.
  • 26 sq. ft.

Towing vehicle requirements

  • Must be equipped with a hard top if it is an SUV or Jeep. U-Haul does not allow any type of sport-utility vehicle not equipped with a hard top to tow U-Haul equipment.
  • Tow vehicle and trailer lighting must be operational at all times, day and night. All U-Haul trailers and towing are wired with a 4-way flat light connector.
  • The curb weight of your tow vehicle must exceed the weight of the loaded trailer.
  • In order to tow, your vehicle must be equipped with an adequate hitch system and lighting connections. Your hitch system includes the receiver hitch, ball mount and ball. The overall rating is determined by the lowest rated component of the three. How to determine your hitch system rating.
  • Must have 1-7/8" or, 2" hitch ball (2,000 lbs. minimum)
  • Must not exceed maximum allowable hitch ball height 25"
  • Must have external mirrors on both sides
  • The allowed cargo in this trailer will be calculated based on the curb weight of your vehicle and the lowest rated component of your hitch system.
  • Maximum recommended speed is 55 MPH
  • Load trailers heavier in front.
  • Reduce normal driving speed.
  • Wear a seatbelt.

All rental truck and trailer measurements are approximate. The equipment you receive may vary in size, based on the engineering/design specifications of multiple-production models.

Trailer and towing tips

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