How to hook up a U-Haul trailer

Follow along with the video below to learn how to hook up a non-braked trailer to your vehicle of choice or U-Haul rental truck

8 Steps to Hook Up a Non-Braked Trailer

  • Loosen the hand knob completely
  • The coupler should engulf the ball
  • Push up from the bottom to engage the spring, and press the safety latch making it easy to tighten the knob
  • Push back on the trailer and re-lighten
  • Feed the chain through our around the hitch structure
  • Fasten S hook into a chain link, and secure the rubber retainer over the S hook
  • If the chain drags, shorten by hooking into a further link or twist the chain
  • Check your brakes, turns and flasher

U-Haul Rental Trailer Locations

Now that you know how to hook up U-Haul rental trailer, find a trailer near you.


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