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Moving to the Great City of Lancaster, California!

Located in the western part of the Mohave Desert in southern California, Lancaster is roughly an hour drive north of downtown Los Angeles and home to more than 150,000 residents. The average cost of living in Lancaster is lower than California’s average, a good reason why residents enjoy living here. The temperatures during the summer months range in the mid 90’s while winter temperatures average around the 50-degree mark. Winters in Lancaster have been known to bring light snowfall but usually nothing to cause school delays. In the spring, wildflowers bloom throughout the city, a delightful sight to wake up to.

Navigating the Open Road to Lancaster in Your Moving Truck

There are only a few ways to drive into Lancaster.  One of which is taking State Route 14 north from Santa Clarita past the Angeles National Forest, up through Palmdale (Lancaster sister city) and directly into town. There are less than ten exits for Lancaster off HWY 14, so check your GPS for the correct road to exit. If you are coming from Northern California, Highway 58 begins in Bakersfield and will take you to the HWY 14 exit, south to Lancaster. 


If you are moving to California from the east coast or Midwestern region, you may want to travel through Las Vegas on Interstate 15 or through Flagstaff on Interstate 40. Both I-15 and I-40 connect in Barstow where you can then take HWY 58 to HWY 14 (routes to Bakersfield after HWY 14), and south to Lancaster. 



PRO TIP: The roads in Lancaster are setup in a very specific way. Roads that run east and west are named ‘Avenues,’ via alphabet letters while roads that run north and south are coined ‘Street.’ Starting north of town with Avenue A, the streets go through the alphabet to Avenue N through the Lancaster city limits. The Avenues do continue through the entirety of the alphabet into Palmdale. Knowing how the streets are structured can be very helpful if you are driving into town for the first time.   

Locating a Home for the Family in Lancaster

Roughly half of the residents who live in Lancaster are married with children, so 3-5 bedroom houses are plentiful when looking into the housing market. Many 3-4 bedroom houses in the south Lancaster were built between 1950’s and 1980’s; however, if you are looking for something newer with more space, new developments have sprung up within the last decade northeast of downtown. If you are looking for good priced 3-5 bedroom homes, try looking on either side of HWY 14 as it is close proximity to parks, schools and grocery stores.

Finding Schooling in Lancaster

There are a total of 46 public schools, 17 private schools and five college level schools in Lancaster. Starting with a few of the elementary schools; Del Sur, West Wind, Sundown and Valley View Elementary schools all have positive reviews and would be great starter schools for your young one. Del Sur, Sundown and Valley View are also considered middle schools, which teach students up to 8th grade.

As far as local high schools, Lancaster High, Antelope Valley and Eastside High School are all top schools in the area, a perfect setting for your teen to prepare for college.


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