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4990 Rte 209   Accord, NY 12404

(845) 719-2016

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(845) 719-2016

4990 Rte 209
Accord, NY 12404

Services at this Location:

Location Hours

  • Mon-Sun: 5 am - 9 pm
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The cashiers in the kwikmart were rude and unprofessional. After I checked in online, I walked in, as instructed by the app, to get the keys. It took them five minutes in an empty store for them to come over and tell me that “they are just cashiers” and don't know anything about the Uhauls on their property. I had to call customer service to straighten out getting the keys. As I was on the phone with customer service, a separate person walked into the store with a bag labeled “keys”. After customer service told me it was straightened out, I went back into the store. The cashiers rolled their eyes at me and yelled for that person to come hand me the keys. I said I was there for the Uhaul, she handed me the keys, and that was it. Bottom line, I made a reservation. The keys should have been there when I was there. I highly do not recommend picking up equipment at this place. In addition, they gave me a truck which passenger mirror did not stay in place. I had to pull over every 5 minutes and adjust it on the side of the highway. This was not only dangerous to me but to other people on the road. This could have been fixed simply with a flathead screwdriver.

Emily W. 
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