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Daniel S.

Information filled out ahead of time on line was useless - had to basically start all over. Process took about 40 minutes. Multiple computer glitches/issues. Had expected to walk in, show license, and walk out.

Alexandria F.

I attempted to book a truck at a location in the town that I live in, we then found out it was not avaible there (unlike what the website stated); causing us to have to travel to another town ~25 miles away one way. There needs to be a variety of equipment at locations OR decreased mileage rate for those willing to rent but have to travel to retrieve the eqiupment. I was promised a decreased rate due to having to travel, the decreased rate was not carried over onto the bill. I rented a dolly, it was NOT on the truck when we picked up.

Christina D.

We ordered our UHaul to be picked in Troy about 50 miles away and confirmed it would be ready. Over an hour after we should have left with our UHaul we were told we had to drive an hour the opposite direction to get our truck. The said we would get $50 guarantee but we didn't. The truck also drove like it had a swapped belt in a tire

Ryan S.

Customer did not leave a comment.

Scott H.

Drop off location was not open when I dropped off.

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