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447 Williams St   New London, CT 06320

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(860) 333-6214

447 Williams St
New London, CT 06320

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Nelson O. 

I will never used a third party uhaul location ever again, these people at this citco location are running a VERY shady operation. I had reserved my truck online, I only had to pick it up. Guy behind the counter made me redo my reservation on his phone and increased the payment and even included insurance when I said no, and also I personally opted out on the online reservation. Upon returning the truck, a different person was behind the counter and they acted dumb, they had no clue what I was explaining to them to reverse what they had done. I ended up calling customer service which I never got a response from anyways. While returning the truck I was charged for returning the truck with less gas lol when I clearly returned it with even more gas than I picked it up with! All in all this was a EXTREMELY shady place to say the least. I will never use them again and to whoever reads this. I would certainly revoke this place from uhaul as they are forcing people to redo their reservation and charging them more!


The order was not processed correctly and the store clerk was unable to help me complete the truck rental. HOWEVER Joshua FADDEN came to the rescue. He drove to the site and corrected the order. He was courteous, pleasant, and made it a more acceptable situation. He is fantastic! Thanks again Josh!

emad E. 
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