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Mario K.

Had to wait 30 mins for a guy to come and bri g me the key to the van so I had to pay extra 30 mins to my moving helpers , when returning the truck I completed the mobile check out but no place for the MRP to be dropped , wasted another 1/2 hour trying g to figure out what to do, ended up keeping the key and the day after I Was told by regional rep that I could leave the key in the visor and leave door unlocked , fyi this is not the kind of neighborhood where u leave cars unlocked , I strongly feel I should not have to pay for this In town rental And would appreciate a call from customer service to discuss

Mike R.

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Matthew O.

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Lysharnnia P.

My drop off experience was a total nightmare. He called someone that's clearing not a uhaul representative to maybe see how he can rip me off more for money. I rented a uhaul from Baltimore to Maryland and they chose this hell hole to drop off the truck. They are a total rip off and everyone should stay away. They will fined ways to change you.

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