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chris C.

The agent was very polite and professional.

Lars S.

Truck was located in a dirty lot with what looked like abandoned cars. The small office in the back of the property was not open or manned. Had to wait 30 minutes for him to arrive. I did arrive before my reservation time but still unnerving to be stuck in this empty lot. The phone number on the sign was not answered and couldn't leave a message. He called me back on a different number. He was pleasant once he arrived but wouldn't go there again.

Allison R.

The pick up time was 3pm, no one on site when we arrived and no one answering the two numbers I kept calling. They weren't available until 6pm, then when I drove the car off the lot there was extremely low air tire pressure so I had to go BACK...the entire experience took up most of the day when it should have been a half hour at most.

Paloma C.

Customer did not leave a comment.

Elise R.

I waited outside for an hour and a half for the owner of the location to show up with my keys. I originally chose the mobile/contactless pick-up option, however there was no "drop box" for the keys. I was instructed to go into the building to pick up my keys, however the location was closed. After getting in touch with UHaul over the phone, they were able to contact the owner and get him out to me. For this location, the option for mobile/contactless pick up should be removed. One of the UHaul employees I spoke to said there were previous issues with this location that he dealt with too. Overall, this location was disappointing.

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