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Testimonials from recent customers of Croun Plaza

Overall rating:

Rebecca S. on


After my reservation was transferred to another location the truck size I ordered wasn't even available, the location was poorly lit, dirty, and the locks to access the keys didn't even work

Melissa U. on


Not send people here, it is in the ghetto. On top of that the originial location in clearwater refused to rent us a 10ft truck because we were one way, he said he did not have any, when we went back to rent a dolly from him as the ghetto uhaul place (crown plaza) he sent us to did not have any he was renting trucks left and right. He was kinda rude and it seemed ridiculous that he would send us away like that. On a side note the other guy did not give me a recipt or offer to print one, no contract and he got my drop off location wrong so I ended up having to drive 27 minutes out of my way to drop off so the whole thing was a pain from the word go. I will be exploring different rental truck options for future rentals.

Heather K. on


I will never use this location again. Complete airhead of a representative upon my arrival. It made complete sense when I came back to this location, with the truck key, and a second driver to take my car home (after hours) when the truck was unable to be pulled out cause of trucks and tow equipment in front of it. ?? AND they closed up early. Huge delay in my move as I went to get the truck at my convenience, since I had already paid for it, I thought this would be OK. I ended up needing t to go to another DEALER (these folks are not) for better service and a truck that I could pull off the lot and leave with. I WILL NEVER USE THIS LOCATION AND I HOPE TO NEVER DEAL WITH THE AIRHEAD I DEALT WITH AT ARRIVAL, EVER AGAIN!

jon D. on


Dropped it off the same day at the location linked with this number . 7275360531 and 2 days later got charged another 42 dollars for not returning it in time

Madeline T. on


Refused to give a paper contract. Did not seem to understand the process. My dad is a frequent renter of UHaul and he was with me and he agrees it was the worst rental experience ever.

Danny P. on


When i drop off the truck no one was there i called the number u gave me no answer i just left the truck there and left its not my problem. Thats was so unprofessional

Kathleen G. on


No one was at the place despite it being on our written contract as drop off point. Called the number ad the man who answered said they only take a few trucks and I’d have to go somewhere else. Finally took truck after much conversation. All other parts of the experience were great! Place we picked up the truck was excellent...very helpful, clean, etc.

Andrew D. on


This location has equipment that could be better use where needed. Ex he has two auto transporters that can be utilized else where. These will sit there for long time when they can be used if moved to where needed. Again just a suggestion.