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Gaon K. on


To start, the the u-haul representative refused to help me pickup the vehicle. The owner of the dollarstore (whom I assume is the uhaul rep) insisted he knows nothing and kept pressuring us to figure everything out online. He even yelled at his wife to shut up while we were waiting. After 45 mins of online detours and sign ups and account management, we ended up on the screen where it showed: please show this screen to uhaul rep to get the key. When i showed this to him he was still adamantly fixed on the fact that he doesn't know anything and usually people just get a code to the lockbox and doesn't go through him, and any questions i had the owner kept saying “just call the uhaul number”. At this point we were 50 mins past our time when we were supposed to get the vehicle. I couldn't get a hold of any representatives because it was Saturday, so I had to hold my ground and threaten to call the police for fraud before the owner finally decided to come with us to the back of the store where he opened the lockbox with his key and retrieved the car key for us. One hour past the time we reserved to pickup we get into the most disgusting smelly van that had a distinct odour of dead animals. And to end this magnificent trip u-haul decided to charge me an extra 25$ for cleaning fees? Would not recommend to anyone using this location. Ive been using uhaul consistently over the past 5 years and it lowers the reputation of uhaul and discourages people from using this service ever again. WILL NOT BE RETURNING

Jason S. on


I don’t even have words for the experience with I had with U-Haul. I will never recommend it to a friend or even an enemy. I have booked help for the move and had to cancel them last minute because I didn’t get a working truck until 6 and a half hours later. You basically need better customer services and actually reputable locations and roadside service in order to make me even think about consider using U-Haul again.

Patricia S. on


The man inside the store said we needed the code to get the keys. I was remotely trying to get the truck and the person on chat said they didn't have a code and the man inside was supposed to give me the keys. The guy in charge of the uhaul wasn't there when I went to pick it up. It took over 1 hour to get the keys. Huge lack of communication between live chat and the location.