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Testimonials from recent customers of Fair Oaks Gas Station Inc

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Michael G.

This was a terrible experience. I was lucky enough to be at a gas station with a very helpful Shell Station Manager who helped even though it wasn't his job. When I made the reservation I selected to do "Over the Counter" pickup rather than mobile pickup. When I got to the gas station there was no way to do over the counter pickup. The location only allowed for mobile check-in. Even though I was at the location and ready to pick up truck, we were unable to get into the lockbox. Basically the Shell Station Manager had to troubleshoot this situation with me by calling up various Uhaul people. My initial reservation was for 9:00am and I wasn't able to get the van until 10:00am. That was very stressful for a packed day where I had to be many places at particular times.

Jason H.

Very confusing and lack of communication from UHaul to gas station attendant. The attendant was very nice and apologetic but UHauls customer service was strange and confusing. I wouldn't do this again.

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