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JEFF H. on


Ashley was very accommodating and super helpful. We will definitely be back the next time we need a u-haul product.

Jessica P. on


The location was not the major problem, what was the location was changed from where the reservation was made and that was never clearly indicated in communication. This caused us to be late for pre scheduled movers that we had reserved through uhaul. The original office that we went to on Davis Highway in Pensacola had us waiting for 15 minutes before telling us they did not have the equipment, when they very obviously had 20ft trucks sitting in the parking lot. When we picked it up from the second location all they cared about was us checking for damage and they never told us about the tow button which made the truck drive like the transmission was going for over 1000 miles. The only part of the experience that was good was a wonderful attendant when we dropped the vehicle off in NJ. Honestly will have to think twice before using this service again.

Michael L. on


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