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Ty H. on


Had a bad experience for checking the truck out! Actually ended up finding out that we had taken it off the property without it being checked out properly and then had to do so through the 800 phone line. Truck had been smoked in so it smelled awful.

Joe G. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

marie g. on


The rental seemed to be a bit sketchy. My daughter and I showed up to an empty warehouse and 2 employees of the of them asked what we were here for and I told them U-Haul. He did not speak very fluent English and didn't completely seem like he knew what to do. He turned on office lights and then kept leaving the office to get stuff..not sure what. I then explained I had rented a dolly and it wasn't in the truck so he left, found another truck that was white (not a uhaul truck) and took the dolly out of that truck. My daughter was terrified that something might happen to us since this location did not seem legitimate. I did eventually get the truck.

Homer F. on


The windshield wipers were destroyed and we didn't find out until 3 hours into our 7 hour drive when it began raining. It was unsafe. We had to stop several times due to the poor condition of the wipers. The steering alignment was also very damaged and made it difficult to drive. The truck was not in good shape at all.

Travis L. on


Have someone check you in that can speak English and communicate with the customer.