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Tim S. on


Have the truck roadworthy near bald passenger steer , check engine light on , interior hasn’t been cleaned in awhile cargo space hasnt been swept for at least a move or 2 Also explain the rental arrangement what I pay for ect

Cristina Z. on


When you guys book your trailers you need to get on a map and take a look at the trailers that are available along the route the customer is planning on taking. This is the second time that I've had to drive out of my way for a pick up. It added an extra 3 hrs, 20 minutes to my trip. Then for us to stop in Blaine Lake and see the exact trailer that we just had to drive 3.2 hrs. out of our way to get, and to find out that this trailer had been siting there for 5 weeks is pretty ridiculous. Then in Prince Albert, the location I, the customer, had told the representative on the phone, I was needing was there for rent, which would have been very convenient as well for us. We had to borrow a diesel truck, and the extra time it took getting everything hooked up and gone, just made me very upset and not very satisfied with my experience.

Carmen G. on


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