Customer Reviews for Hungry Lion

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Testimonials from recent customers of Hungry Lion

Overall rating:

Steven L. on


Very friendly ! They Helped me when the original pickup location was closed with no notice!

Angel C. on


Their customer service fell very short !!Very rude and does not understand very much English!! Store was dirty with a bunch of people and people gambling and I was scared of having money on me !! U haul was not very helpful in telling me where pick up !! Took a bunch of calls and time to find place !! I probably will not use again unless I have no other way!!

Carlos L. on


Ensure all Authorized Dealers know how to rent out a trailer. I was told by the clerk that his boss was out of town and he didn't know how to rent out a trailer even after I told him I already had the reservation scheduled in advance. He said try some where else. Thank goodness for Eddie, the regional field rep for helping me over the phone.

Robert W. on


I returned the trailer on the 3rd and was marked for returning it on the 4th. I had to call and remind the store to scan the trailer in twice.