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Katie C.

The customer service phone number I had to call was terrible!! We were supposed to pick up the truck in Freedom, after waiting on hold for 20 minutes to speak to someone, we told the guy the situation, and he was going to transfer us to another department since we couldn't do self check in for our truck, and then we got hung up on. We called back waiting on hold again for a long time, told that person the situation, and then in the mean time I created a new reservation at your Kimberly location so I could make sure a truck was available. The guy cancelled our Freedom reservation while we were driving so when he connected me with other department, the girl was so rude when we told her the situation and asked for the amount of miles we had on our previous reservation, she told us no and we chose the Kimberly location, even though the site at Freedom didn't put the keys in the truck for us for self check in. I couldn't believe how anyone could be that rude given the situation you all screwed up and we couldn't use that location where we had originally planned and needed to get the truck since people were waiting on us. I had no problems with the locations, in fact the lady at the gas station at Kimberly was so nice and apologized for the mess and made sure we got the truck and everything was taken care of. She did that with a line of 6 people waiting to check out.....I wish you customer service phone line was that decent!

James M.

The clerk had no idea how to handle the transaction. Since it was a mini-mart he waited on numerous customers while trying to learn how to check me out. Never charged payment - regional office had to contact me several days later to find out if I had the truck.

Paul S.

Train employees how to do the uhaul stuff. Employee had no idea how to ring me up or anything. I didn't receive the appliance dolly either.

Tiffany J.

The store clerk was very rude, did not check the truck back in until 3 days later. Refused to do so on the day it was taken back.worst service ever

Keith K.

Seriously?? A mini mart with 1 employee servicing many walk-in customers/interruptions while tending to my rental....took 30+ minutes to pick up the truck, with me doing the leg work of getting the keys from the dropbox, matching them to the trucks, and returning to complete transaction. C'mon.

Charles H.

We arrived promptly at 8 to pick up our rental since we had a long day a head of us. The cashier had no clue how to do a rental. It took 45 minutes! Very frustrating.

Hailey S.

Customer did not leave a comment.

Courtney D.

Probably the worst uhaul pickup experience I may have ever had. The gentleman behind the counter had NO idea what was going on. He had to call someone else to “help” him (which was no help, I had a uhaul rep call me to walk me through the check in), and rather than helping a paying customer all the way to the end of their transaction, he insisted on stopping helping me every time someone else came into the store. What should have been a quick in and out ended up taking almost 45 minutes. Unimpressed.

Rick T.

Agent was nice but was not knowledgeable as to what to do for retuning vehicle. Took some time and I had to call a U-Haul representative to return truck.

Anthony O.

I was given the run around. There wasn't any individual at the location to help with my setup. When I called they didn't know what to do because only one person was trained on the system.

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