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John M.

Drove past the location because it looked like an abandoned building. The U-haul sign is about 2'x2' on a pole and was hard to see. A guy walked out on his phone, put out his hand for the key and said, "all good boss" and walked back in to the building. Professionalism at its finest.

Brittney M.

There is a lot of bad reviews about this place, but I found it rather easy to find and easier to park! They had plenty of room to be able to fit the truck without blocking anything. It was right off a Main Street and I did not feel unsafe at all! Much easier than some locations I have been in the past! It may not of been the newest building, but the parking lot was clean and there was nothing to dodge at all while parking.

Madelyn B.

Not in a good area of town. I don't know why Uhaul is sending people to this location. While I was in there homeless people etc where around the building. Felt VERY unsafe. Not happy.

Gary L.

The address provided is in correct I went to the address I reserved the trailer only to find a vacant building with less than desirable people their. I finally found the new location approximately 1.5 miles away. Then to find out they had the trailer but no hitch to purchase or a plug adapter to fit my truck. I was told I could drag the trailer up the street to a local parts store and purchase the correct plug adapter. The gentleman behind the counter did let me use his own personal adapter thankfully. I didn't feel safe pulling the trailer with no lights let alone the possibility of getting pulled over or heaven forbid have an accident on that busy road with no lights. The trailer jack did not want to retract all the way once the pressure of the trailer weight was off the ground, I had to force my foot under the jack and push up at the same time I cranked it to get it to retract enough I could pull it safely. Had the same problem when I was trying to drop the trailer. The web site stated all the things that was readily available at the U-Haul store I was going to therefore I didn't have to worry about the correct ball hitch or plug adapter, that was not the case all this location had was a trailer and two U-Haul trucks nothing else to provide accessories.

Hannah L.

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