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Ben K.

Everything was excellent


The location was fine The service from head office on the other hand was exceptionally rude

Jose P.

Customer did not leave a comment.


fast and friendly service


Staff didn't know how to work the system. I was booked to have my rental 10-2 but only finally got the rental at 12 due to having to talk the employees thru ur simple common sense system. However when i returned the equipment at 130pm they ha no problem accepting it back. Basically i used a vehicle for 1hour and was charged for 4hrs. Soo not impressed

Dwight S.

The office didn't open until 10am and I was supposed to have a “self check in” at 9am but they did not leave the vehicle in an accessible location, so I had to wait until they opened to get the vehicle.


Open on time. And the company U-Haul to have better customer service

Krystina B.

This location was great as was the staff. My only complaint about u-Hal is its lack of updates on its websites and lack of clear instructions on the website. We went to 3 locations to drop off the hula before finding the one that was still open that takes the trailer we rented. Also your website isn't up to date with hitch rentals because of the shortage and your website doesn't represent that issue right now.

Ray H.

The App didn't work and it took too long waiting for help on the phone and chat. Ended up trying through the website instead which did work.

Thomas N.

The guy stank like marijuana was high. I realize that it legal here in Canada now but still highly inappropriate and unprofessional to be high at work. Had no idea what he was doing. Had never even hooked up a trailer before. He changed my reservation and added insurance that I had opted not to get. Their location was hard to get into. The other employees almost hit our car with a pay loader and to get the trailer we had to drive 45 minutes out of the way. All in all this was honestly the worst experience I've ever had with uhaul.

Paul K.

Doubt was sanitized or even wiped down in the cab...back had debris from last few renters...What I was charged was almost double the quote even thou I left more fuel in it than when I started and swept out the back and wiped the cab down when I was finished...I would recommend in a pinch if you can't find anything else,,was pretty dented up for less than 9000 miles

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