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Testimonials from recent customers of Savage Spirits & Deli

Overall rating:
Garrett H.

This location was awesome!

Yvonne C.

Since I was only their 2nd U-Haul rental, I think they did a very good job. The computer used to check me in was slow so that could be improved. The staff were very helpful land friendly.

Shawn D.

I was the very first customer for this location, which just started with u-haul. My comments here are only constructive towards u-haul, not the employee. The employee was kind, professional and doing everything she could. That being said, it is clear that u-haul has not provided sufficient tools or training, making my encounter sub-standard. The employee was provided a tablet computer which malfunctioned multiple times and had a bad internet connection. Also, she completed some of the rental details on her tablet, then I had to complete others on my personal cell phone. This was counter productive and NOT the way u-haul advertises the rental arrangements online. It seemed as though the entire process could have been 10 minutes, but because u-haul had not provided proper training and tools it was 45 minute interaction.

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