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steven J.

The people there were nice enough, but it seems like there struggling with making the operation smooth. I went in on Saturday, it is now Wednesday of the following week, to find out that my refund just barely has been taken care of. The young lady i really like. She will do well over time, but this rental was not a good experience.

Olivia P.

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Anthony L.

Training,, not familiar with process, took one hour for me to check truck out an I had rsvp already, plus I originally rented this truck at apricots furniture store down the steeet an truck wasn't there for me to pick up, then when I went to return truck 4 hours earlier they couldn't process it because they said subsystem was down , so I had to come back 2 later to complete the order , even then they had to call the regional manager for help ,,, after all of this , I still didn't get any discount for my trouble ,, I only drove 10 miles for all of this confusion

Dennis J.

The staff was new to the rental process and very polite and apologetic for the process taking long, but the truck was filthy inside. Dried up spills in all cup holders, ashtray had been used and something gross on the steering wheel and floor. I'm not sure if this directly reflects on Tonz of Tread or the previous rental location. I have usually had clean trucks and quick service with uhaul.

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