U-Haul Moving & Storage at South Blvd

U-Haul Moving & Storage at South Blvd

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5108 South Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28217

(704) 525-5889

(Btwn Seneca & Tyvola Rd)
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  • Free towing inspection
  • Propane pay at pump
  • 24 hour dropoff

Trailer Hitch and Trailer Hitch Installation in Charlotte, NC at U-Haul Moving & Storage at South Blvd

U-Haul has the largest selection of trailer hitches and towing accessories. Reserve a trailer hitch installation online and we'll give you $10 off your professional trailer hitch installation at U-Haul Moving & Storage at South Blvd. U-Haul is your number one provider of quality and long-lasting tow hitches and trailer hitch receivers in Charlotte, NC, 28217. Purchase a trailer hitch online and you will get lifetime unlimited hitch warranty for only $5 when we install it at U-Haul Moving & Storage at South Blvd.

Enter vehicle information for a trailer hitch installation quote in Charlotte, NC, 28217

Looking for a specific trailer hitch? Our trained professionals at U-Haul Moving & Storage at South Blvd will install the right truck hitch or tow hitch for your vehicle. Shop for receiver hitches online or in Charlotte, NC at U-Haul Moving & Storage at South Blvd. For a quick reference to which trailer hitch you need for your vehicle, add your information below for an instant hitch installation quote including a guide to help you select the proper type of towing hitch for your needs, custom made for your vehicle.

$5 lifetime unlimited warranty

Any U-Haul location in North America guarantees free replacement (including shipping and labor costs) of the receiver hitch for any reason, with no limitation for any damage, including collision, corrosion, accidental overload, jackknifing and even theft of the vehicle.

Trailer hitch wiring service plan

Ready to tow a trailer? We have tow vehicle, trailer wiring and lights available locally and online. Our exclusive U-Haul $10 wiring service plan covers all of your wiring for 2 years. Any U-Haul location in North America will honor your wiring service plan - even if the dog chews it off!

Free towing inspection

Not sure what you need? Bring in your vehicle and we'll give you a free towing inspection. Use our online towing glossary to learn more about hitches and towing.

Find hitch accessories

U-Haul offers thousands of hitch accessories including trailer hitch balls, ball mounts and hitch covers. We also provide free and valuable tow hitch safety information online and at over 16,000 locations across North America.

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Customer reviews

Paul P. on 7/14/2016
Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

"Vincent" in the South Blvd almost appeared to intently wish to turn business away with his attitude and lack of personal service skills and abilities. BTW, before going on, I wish to state that the install guy did a great job and showed me what he had down after completing the job...nice job and compliments to him. When I first showed up, I was taken back by the fact that it was 93 degrees that day and there was NO AIR CONDITIONING! After waiting several minutes sitting on a stained wood chair located in the middle of the boxes, I was compelled to leave and go across the street where there was A/C at Dunkin Donuts. When I first entered the building, I stood at the counter waiting patiently to be addressed...not wanting to interrupt Vincent who appeared busy on the computer. I was never addressed, asked to wait, apologized to for waiting patiently, or even acknowledged. After several minutes, he simply stood up and left the building into the install bay. When returning, he looked at me as if I had just showed up and asked what I was here for. He was NOT accommodating, NOT pleasant and NOT professional - nor remotely welcoming. After the trailer hitch install, which by the way took 6 weeks for a custom order to arrive, I was called to pay. When asked where the wiring harness plugged in, I was told "you did not order this"! Well, I guess I MADE THE MISTAKE, not realizing they would install the hitch without a wiring harness, which is the law correct? When asked if they could then install it, Vincent answered in a very short way - no, you did not set up a time to install. I asked why they could not do it now since the install was allotted 1 hour and the actual install only took 20 minutes (Again, good installer was appreciated). Vincent looked at me and said, no time! My schedule and allotment of this project has been worse than any other experience I have had to this date...40 years of using Uhaul products. So I left and set up ANOTHER appointment, another day and another 15 miles and an additional 3 hours of personal time spent. I showed up for the 3rd appointment; 1st time to order, 2nd to install JUST THE HITCH and then 3rd visit for the wiring harness. I arrived 5 minutes late and was told by Vincent - may not be able to install due to my tardy arrival and that an appointment should be made for next week. I asked if they could start and I will return IF THE TIME EXCEEDS THE 1 HOUR TIME ALLOTTED - IT DID NOT! I AGREED TO "HIS TERMS" and hoped that the wiring could be done in 55 minutes...REALLY?! It was done in MUCH less than that time, so end of story - kind of. When asked about the plug in, as I did not see it near my trailer hitch, I was told "do you want to place a hole in your car"? Again, in a very stern and not accommodating manner - I was sarcastically told "we will not install by drilling a hole in your car". A simple and empathetic explanation of these details could have diffused the rude manner of which Vincent has seemingly