Used Box Trucks for Sale in Newnan, GA, 30265.

U-Haul has the largest selection of box trucks for sale in Newnan, GA. These gently used work trucks for sale are multi-purpose used trucks which can include: delivery truck, cargo trucks, service trucks, commercial or utility trucks, mobile billboard, storage trucks and MUCH MORE. All trucks for sale have been fleet maintained throughout their “Rental Life.” Check out used box trucks for sale at locations near Newnan, GA, 30265 and put one of our box trucks for sale to work for you today!

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Buy a used moving box truck and use it for business, work, delivering goods, and many other purposes. Our trucks are priced to sell! Make sure to look for our "New-in-Stock" trucks fresh from the rental fleet. We also have significantly reduced priced trucks for sale. Look for the "Last-in-Stock" designation for these trucks.

Call us at 1-866-404-0355 and we will find the right box truck or cab and chassis truck for you. We sell retail and wholesale!

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Vehicle Size Mileage Year Price
Used 2007 17 ' Box Truck for sale 17 ' Box Truck
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17 ' Box Truck 148,494 2007 $10,695.00 Compare
Used 2005 26 ' Cab and Chassis for sale 26 ' Cab and Chassis
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26 ' Cab and Chassis 181,168 2005 $5,095.00 Compare
Used 1992 Utility Trailer for sale Utility Trailer
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Utility Trailer NA 1992 $1,995.00 Compare

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