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Specially designed and made available so that U-Haul customers can now tow their motorcycle inside a U-Haul van trailer. This chock will be a handy addition to the bike enthusiast’s accessory collection. Whether you’re using it in our trailer or in your own, you will appreciate the sleek, light-weight design and professional grade quality for years to come.

  • Made from aluminum alloy, powder-coated for durability
  • Combined with proper tie-downs, the chock provides a stable positioning base that holds your bike in place during transit
  • Engineered with an adjustable cradle to customize fit for all sizes of tires
  • Designed with a wide footprint and non-skid base for ultimate towing stability
  • In the upright, ready to use position the length is 29". The base width is 10.75". The height to top of wheel stop is 18".

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Michael G.

Recommends this product

This kit worked well in a 6 x 12 trailer to haul a 2000 Harley Davidson Softail with a 21" front tire. I opened it up to the max with the adjustment to fit the larger tire. This devise is pushed up against the front of the trailer and then I used straps from each handle bar to each corner of the trailer. I encountered no problems using this device.

B. S.

Picture on the Web Site is misleading about the size of the item. Also wish there were direction for proper use.

Kim D.

I ordered the Motorcycle Towing Kit, which was absolutely great and worked out very well for transporting my motorcycle. However, I had 4 screws & only 3 tie-down rings & there were no directions shipped with the kit. I made do, and improvised. But it would have been nice to have everything & directions.

Anonymous customer

Super heavy duty and one of the best buys for the money Ive made


As it turns out the trailer I rented was made for motorcycles so I didn't use the kit.

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Can I use this in a Uhaul van?

–Mike 5/19/2020 7:40:11 PM

Hi, Mike! Yes, you can. Please contact your local U-Haul Hitch Center to learn more about the best way for transporting your motorcycle. Thank you!

–Savannah 6/3/2020 9:16:09 AM

How long will it take for arrival of I buy a motorcycle chock

–Ron Lavender 4/18/2020 1:46:01 PM

Hello, Ron! It depends on your location, but in general we give an estimate of 3-5 business days. I hope that is helpful!

–Savannah 4/20/2020 10:04:27 AM

I have a 2012 300 cc vespa, how tall is the front of the chock? I'm afraid it's too tall and will interfere with the front fender...

–Julia 10/5/2018 6:21:17 PM

Hey, Julia! The top height of the wheel chock is 18". Thanks for asking!

–Savannah 12/6/2018 11:25:51 AM

Hi. Can it be used in a 26' truck? If so how to fix it?

–Karl 3/9/2018 10:19:15 PM

Hi, Karl! We recommend contacting your local U-Haul Hitch Center for vehicle-specific motorcycle transport options. Thank you!

–Savannah 3/30/2018 10:31:15 AM

Your motorcycle trailers only accommodate one motorcycle. What would you recommend for hauling two motorcycles?

–Andy 4/22/2017 10:55:45 AM

Please visit your local U-Haul location to discuss other trailer options (5x9, 6x12) that best fit your motorcycles.

–TIMOTHY 4/25/2017 7:26:42 AM

Do you rent a ramp to load a motorcycle into a pick up truck?

–Debbie 12/6/2016 12:52:58 AM

Hi Debbie. No we do not have ramps for rent, but we do offer a Motorcycle Trailer that is ideal for what you're trying to do.

–TIMOTHY 12/6/2016 8:10:56 AM

Will this work inside a 5x9 uHaul Utility trailer? I know the trailer has a cut out for the chock, but doesn't actually "have one"..

–Wayne 6/20/2016 9:35:49 AM

Hey Wayne, I recommend renting one of our Motorcycle Trailers to safely transport your motocycle. I hope that's helpful!

–SAVANNAH 8/17/2016 2:53:00 PM

is this item in stock at store locations ?

–chuck 9/24/2015 4:08:09 PM

Hey Chuck, the Motorcycle Towing Kit is currently an online only item.

–Joseph 9/25/2015 4:16:46 PM

Can this item be used in the bed of a U-Haul pickup truck or inside a 9' van?

–B.A. 5/4/2015 2:04:40 PM

Cargo dimensions, weight capacities, loading tools/ techniques, securing cargo loads and transporting flammables (gasoline) are all important to consider when renting U-Haul equipment to move a motorcycle safely.

The simplest solution would be to rent one of our Motorcycle Trailers, they are perfect for transporting your bike!

–Joseph 5/7/2015 4:02:22 PM

If I rent a Motorcycle Trailer, is this still needed? I would think a motorcycle tow trailer would have a chock in it already.

–Matt 2/19/2015 5:43:33 AM

Matt, you are absolutely correct. All of our Motorcycle Trailers come with built in chocks so buying this kit will be unnecessary. Thank you.

–Joseph 2/20/2015 11:01:29 AM

I would like to get the instructions for how to use the hardware that came with this. Can you please give me a link to the pdf or something?

–Patrick 11/11/2014 6:06:57 PM

Unfortunately, there are no instructions available for this product. If you need help, please take the product to a Uhaul Center.

–Ronald 11/12/2014 9:55:52 AM

Do you rent these?

–Patrick Scanlon 10/27/2014 1:03:09 PM

No. Sorry. We do not rent this product.

–Ronald 10/27/2014 1:08:47 PM

Can you put two of these in any of your trailers? I have two bikes to move across country. Thanks

–Patrick 10/23/2014 12:43:57 PM

If properly done, you could put two of these kits in a single trailer. However, which trailer would depend on the size of the bikes. Please call 1-800-789-3638 with the bike sizes. They should be able to advise on the trailer size you will need.

–Ronald 10/23/2014 12:57:36 PM

How does this mount to the inside of the trailer? How do you strap the motorcycle down inside the trailer?

–Mike 5/11/2014 3:11:05 PM

"The chock itself is free-standing. It is held in place against the front wall of a vehicle by the force of the motorcycle tie-downs and its' non-skid rubber base."

–Ronald 5/14/2014 3:51:43 PM

will this work in a 14' truck or only the trailer? Does it have to be in the very center of the cargo space, or can it be along one side so the space can also be used for other cargo?

–Mark 5/10/2014 1:39:15 PM

"The chock is intended to be used in the center of one of our trailers, or another vehicle with suitably strong, low-mounted tie downs. Unfortunately, our conventional moving trucks do not feature such tie downs and I would not recommend hauling a motorcycle inside of one." S.H.

–Ronald 5/14/2014 3:53:11 PM

One RoadKing and one Sportster. Will these Tow Kits work for these motorcycles. And can they be secured inside the u-haul trailer. Are there D-rings for securing/

–Tim 4/25/2014 1:04:33 PM

This item is specially designed and made available so that U-Haul customers can tow their motorcycle inside a U-Haul van trailer. Our specs are: In the upright, ready to use position the length is 29". The base width is 10.75". The height to top of wheel stop is 18". Please use these measurements to determine if the bikes you note will fit.

–Ronald 4/25/2014 2:02:43 PM

I am interested in purchasing the motorcycle tow kit to transport a Yamaha Zuma 125 cc scooter. Will it work for that size machine?

–william davidson 4/1/2014 9:23:40 AM

My research indicates this kit was not designed for use with scooters. Thank you.

–Ronald 4/21/2014 1:24:52 PM

Can I use this inside a U-Box

–M S 3/22/2014 4:02:00 PM

No. UHauls current Ubox is not designed for the application of this kit. Thanks.

–Ronald 4/21/2014 1:27:40 PM

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